Your Love Has Transformed Me

The Last Love Letter Project is a series of hand-written love letters answering the following question:

If you could write only one last love letter to the person you love most, what would you say?

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Love Letters | The Loveumentary | Christin and Jordan Christin,

How is it we've only been together two years? It feels like a lifetime - of joy and openness and sharing and support. I suppose that's because even when you weren't there, I was looking for you. Reaching out for you in the cold, dark, loneliness. And suddenly a light came on and there you were. And the cold turned into warmth, the loneliness replaced by powerful intimacy. Slowly at first, but it has built and grown more strong and more secure. And now I can't imagine a life without you at the center of it.

You are my inspiration. My goal. I pull to you. Your love has transformed me - your passion transfixed me. The way you live and love inspires me. I want to give you back all the things you have given me: Support, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, correction, compassion, laughter, joy, my heart, and all my love.


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