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1. Fall In Love

This video is just the right amount of adorable:

2. 15 Ways To Stay Married For 15 Years

This article is more tailored to the ladies, and contains some lovely advice. Read it. Talk about it with your significant other. What can you do better? What are your "team rules"?

All the crap you read in magazines about honesty, sense of humor, communication, sensitivity, date nights, couples weekends, blah blah blah can be trumped by one word: loyalty. You and your spouse are a team of two. It is you against the world. No one else is allowed on the team, and no one else will ever understand the team’s rules.

3. A little desktop background for you Whovians out there.

There are a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive... wormhole refractors... you know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.

You Need A Hand To Hold, Doctor Who | The Loveumentary[Link to full size image]

4. Three Things I wish I Knew Before We Got Married

Here's a link to the article. It's a fantastic read. Here's one of my favorite excerpts. I have totally felt this way before:

I’m intensely certain that nothing in life has ever made me more angry, frustrated or annoyed than my wife. Inevitably, just when I think I’ve given all I can possibly give, she somehow finds a way to ask for more.

The worst part of it all is that her demands aren’t unreasonable. One day she expects me to stay emotionally engaged. The next, she's looking for me to validate the way that she feels. The list goes on—but never ventures far from things she perfectly well deserves as a wife.

5. The Art of Love Fu. Master it.

No "Best Of" post is complete without a GIF... and this one is priceless.

Love Fu

6. Predicting Divorce

Sometimes the best way to be successful is to know where the pitfalls are, and how to avoid them. This study goes over the science of relationships and evaluates some of the most common the signs of divorce.

7. How To Stay Marrired - A 5 Point Plan

Some great tips to keep things interesting, and avoid allowing your relationship to go stale.

Don’t be the “That’s Not My Thing” guy. That guy is a total dick and a shitty husband to boot. And please feel free to flip genders here, ’cause the same hostile adjectives apply to the wife who thinks dressing up like fucking Chewbacca at Comic Con is stupid, every bit as much as it does for the dude who refuses to ever sit down in front of a scrapbook. Don’t be a macho dick. Don’t be a mean bitch. It’s all the same in the end. And it’ll ruin a relationship.

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