The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together


The Difference Between The Masters of Love and The Disasters of Love...

John Gottman - arguably the foremost expert on romantic love - has shared some incredible findings from decades of studies around what makes amazing relationships. The most fundamental principle that comes up again and again in his writings is...

You've gotta be friends!

Seriously though. You can't have an incredible, lasting love without a strong friendship... the kind of friendship you constantly cultivate.

Being friends means you have to talk to each other, be interested in each others lives, support each other, be kind to one another, help each other through your struggles, and most importantly...


Here at The Loveumentary, fun is mandatory! I believe that couples should have so much that I literally started a company dedicated the idea. Unbox Love is a date-in-a-box subscription service. We literally send you everything you need to have an awesome date together to your doorstep every month.

It's been amazing over the last several months to get emails and notes from people telling me how having a regular date night has completely reignited their relationships!

My challenge for you today is to step away from the obligations, the commitments, and the stresses of life. Put off doing the dishes for one night. Turn off your phones, tablets and computers. Put the yard work off one more day... and just play!

Go on an adventure. Play a game. Ask each other questions you haven't asked in a long time. Build a blanket fort and read each other a book. Have a tickle fight. Or go on a date...

Speaking of dates, here are a few great ideas of free (or really cheap) dates you can do together provided by the amazing Dating Divas:

Cheapest Date Challenge

Challenge your spouse to see who can pull off the best (and cheapest!) date night. In fact, see who can plan the best FREE date night! Challenge accepted!

Deal or No Deal

You might not win the million dollar prize, but you WILL definitely win over your spouse’s heart with this fun and sexy twist on a popular t.v. game show.

Frisbee Golf With a Twist

This is a unique game that doesn’t cost a dime! And the best part? It uses items that you can find around the house!

Campout for Two

If you have the gear, camping is a GREAT option for anyone who is pinching pennies! Put up a tent (the more secluded the better!) and voila! You have a romantic getaway for two!

Tourist In Your Home Town

You don’t have to go on some expensive exotic vacation to discover new places! Research what your own town has to offer and get going! You might be surprised at how much there is to see!

Go spend some time as friends tonight, and leave the worries of being responsible, tax-paying, child-rearing, deadline meeting adults for another day.