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Life Ends When You Get Married... Right?

Last week I was talking to a good friend of mine who told me she's waiting to cross a bunch of stuff off her bucket list before she gets married.

"You give up a lot of freedom when you get married," she said. "There's still so much I want to do before I settle down."

On the outside I said, "Oh... yeah, I get that."

But on the inside I was SCREAMING!

"NO! You don't get it! Just because most people give up their dreams when they get married doesn't mean you have to! Marriage can mean EVEN MORE adventures and opportunities and awesomeness!"

Support one another and build your dreams together | #StayMarried | The LoveumentaryHere's the deal... most people just don't know how amazing married life can be, because they've never been exposed to someone who has an amazing married life.

They've never seen what life looks like when a husband is the president of his wife's fan club.

They've never seen how amazing a relationship can be when a wife makes her husband's dreams her dreams, and invests in them and him because they have become the most important things in the world to her.

That kid of love exists!

It's amazing... and you can have a taste of it next Thursday when I sit down with Michelle Peterson from the #STAYMARRIED Blog to talk about how amazing it can be to build and live your dreams together as a couple.

It's going to be an inspiring and powerful conversation... and you can join us! Just sign up here: