Take Two - Day 11


Day 11 - Physical

Whew, we dug deep yesterday. I hope you received an increase, (even if only an inkling) of inspiration, personal understanding, direction or love while illustrating the beauty that is your own spiritual wellness. If you missed yesterday’s post or the opportunity to do the associated challenge, go back and invest the few minutes to read and complete the exercise. On day 1 we talked about laying a solid foundation to build our newly defined wellness— Day 10 was one of those crucial bricks. Don’t skip it.

Building foundations, digging deep, investigating our intentions, accepting vulnerability… it’s heavy stuff. And nothing works up a hearty appetite like some emotional heavy-lifting! So I’ve decided this is an ideal time to cut brain and body a little break. We’re over a third of the way into our wellness reformation and I think we deserve a little reward for all our efforts.

A year and a half ago, my idea of a reward would be busting out the Rolo’s and Oatmeal Cream Pies. I’d been programmed since I was a wee one, as many of us are, that such "goodies" were tied to good behavior and good times. Sweet treats of this variety were almost always present on vacations, at happy times and holidays.

As an adult, I’d justify the consumption of such sugary confections with a simple statement of, "How bad could it really be?" How much of anything could one compact Rolo really contain? Chocolate and caramel, I presumed, as I chomped away. Which is why when I looked further I was startled to learn that 21 (yes, twenty-one!) ingredients were inside this tiny treat barely bigger than the size of a quarter. This gave me pause. Twenty-one? Could that really be right?

If the 21 ingredients made me wonder, then the 44 ingredients inside just one of Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pies absolutely frightened me. Forty-four ingredients! The sheer number is shocking enough (ask yourself when you’ve ever made a recipe with 44 ingredients listed). Now recognize the inclusion of artificial coloring and trans fat (which you can sleuth out yourself whenever seeing the word “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” on a label). Still not enough to cause you concern? How about the 11 common allergens also packed into one pie—  soy, MSG and gluten-- just to name a few. Little Debbie’s sweet red cheeks under straw hat smiling at me from the box didn't look quite so innocuous anymore.

Food is no longer food.

It’s almost unrecognizable with all its unidentifiable additives. When I fit met my nutritionist, Dustin Strong at Strong on Health, one of his very first recommendations was to pare back the processed foods. I listened intently, nodded confidently and left his office under the allusion that I understood fully what that meant. Processed food. Sure. I’ll just avoid those two aisles in the grocery store, I thought.

After becoming more educated about what processed foods (or foods changed from their natural state) really meant and gaining some serious label literacy, I was shocked to learn for myself what scientists already estimated:

Processed foods make up a whopping 70% of what most of us eat.  

70 percent! Yikes. At first, this was discouraging. Did this mean I was stuck in a sugar-less life lurch— doomed to the depressive idea of zero desserts or indulgences till the end of time?

Heavens no! Life is enjoyable and eating should be a part of that enjoyment. By all means, let’s celebrate with a delicious treat! But here’s a novel idea: let’s do it with real food. That’s right. Whole foods: unrefined, additive-free with actual identifiable ingredients.

Enter today’s treat from me to you… pineapple ice cream. A delectable, indulgent dessert that is impressive not just in its ability to tantalize your taste buds but to keep your ingredient count to a comfortable and impressive number: TWO.

Daily Challenge

You and your sweetie have been working hard on your wellness reformation and deserve a reward. It’s time to take two. Two ingredients. Two people. One amazing recipe. Don’t mistake uncomplicated for uninspired. The beauty behind this frozen treat is the burst of flavor provided by nature alone. So whip up a quick batch appreciating the only unknown lies in how much lovers prattle you’ll be able to fit in around luscious bites of pineapple pleasure.


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