Episode #34 - You Get What You Settle For with Jenna McCarthy


Just a heads up: This podcast contains adult language, including several "F-bombs." People with sensitive ears, be warned. Everyone else, prepare to laugh. Jenna is hilarious.

What does it take to have an amazing relationship? What does it take to not only avoid a disaster, but to rise above the mediocrity and complacency that has infected most modern-day relationships? Here are two tips from Jenna McCarthy that will help you elevate your game.

Be Yourself

"Be healthy and happy. You have to be the best you can be.

Be yourself.

My parents had a horrible marriage. They would get in a fight, and my mom would say, 'I will forgive you if you send me flowers once a week.'

So my dad would call the florist, give them his credit card number and say 'Every Wednesday, deliver this, or I'll be in the dog house.'

And then she would get her flowers and say, 'Look at your father! He gave me flowers!'

No! There's no meaning behind that. There's no love behind that. It's so disingenuous.

You want to be loved for who you are. You really have to like yourself. If you don't like who you are, nobody else ever will."

You get what you settle for.

You never ever ever ever get more than you settle for. Not ever. Not in any situation in life. Not in a job. Not in a hobby. Not in a relationship.

Are you settling for a relationship full of criticism, nagging, and impatience?

Are you settling for a relationship full of laziness, lack of connection, and disengagement?

Are you settling for a relationship of selfishness, constant arguing, and backstabbing?

Are you settling by playing the victim card? Are you expecting someone else to make you happy, or feel loved? Are you waiting for someone else to make the effort to make your relationship great?

You get what you settle for.

Instead, settle into a relationship full of forgiveness, encouragement, compliments, and growth.

Settle down with someone who will be an active participant in creating something meaningful every day with you.

Settle down with a partner, someone who you can trust will choose to be happy, healthy, and encouraging.

Choose to settle with someone who will fight for you, not with you.

You Get What You Settle For | The Loveumentary | Sunset Love by Jon Fife
You Get What You Settle For | The Loveumentary | Sunset Love by Jon Fife

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