Big Tease - Day 7


Day 7 - Intellectual

Brain fitness. Ever heard of it? Chances are you’ve likely engaged in some cognitive cross-fit recently without even being aware of the exercise. Math problems, puzzles, Rubik’s cube, sudoku, crosswords. Brain teasers, we call them, and they’re doing more than just mind-tickling pleasure passers.

Experts of brain games explain that doing these tasks can awaken dormant cells in our brain. When these brain cells are highly stimulated, unused genes are suddenly reactivated. This gene reactivation leads to a brain better able to fight off disease. Just two hours a week of these novel activities is suggested to slow down mental decay—or the decrease in cognitive ability that naturally comes with age.

Two hours. That's one movie a week, a few television episodes here and there. A seemingly more than fair trade when the payout is as impactful as better brain function.

Other reasons to put down the remote and engage in some stimulating child’s play:

  • - Provides emotional satisfaction and sense of accomplishment
  • - Enhances memory and processing speed
  • - Helps reduce the risk of dementia
  • - Improves concentration
  • - Reduces boredom

The best part of this news? You don’t even need to solve the puzzle to reap the benefits of the exercise. So take heart if you're feeling amongst the not-so-smart in the brain teaser box. Go at that complicated math problem free of pressure knowing even if you get it wrong... your brain is doing something right! Just make sure to mix it up. A variety of puzzles is important to maximize the above health benefits.

Daily Challenge

Grab your cutie and your competitive spirit and take a crack at these 4 short, simple and stimulating brain teasers. If you like a challenge that includes a reward as much as my hubby and I do, then raise the stakes. Dish duty? Foot massage? Laundry folding? Pick your prize— or your poison… it’s a battle of the wits!

Can You Count? (it’s sometimes the simplest of tasks that can be the most interesting)

Dupe the Stroop (the Stroop test of evaluates your ability to pay attention)

Catch the Number (a test of peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination & short-term memory)

Bus Brain Buster (a test of visual logic)

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