S4 E02 - The Suzuki Method with Georgia Anderson

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Show Notes

The Suzuki Method is an internationally recognized music curriculum that is very similar to the way we acquire language. Suzuki believed that even a toddler could learn to play the violin at a high level if the steps were small enough.

In this episode, Georgia shows us how we can use the Suzuki Method to create epic relationships.

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    Georgia Anderson

    A Certified Active Parenting Instructor, Gottman Trained Educator, and Trainer for the Protective Factors for Strengthening Families, Georgia has been facilitating parenting and family relations classes for over 25 years. She runs the Us Elevated couples retreat at Bryce Canyon twice a year. She is a family/couples coach and educator offering Emotion Coaching, Co-Parenting, Stepfamily, and New Parent Education and Support, as well as the popular Think/Do Challenge, a texting prompt to promote more positivity at home. She's also an avid hiker, skier, and adventurer. Georgia is a wife, mother, stepmother, mother-in-law, and grandmother to 26 people she adores. Learn more on instagram @knowhomomtips or at knowhowmom.com.