S3 E5 - Lube. This episode will blow your mind... really

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Why Do An Episode On Lube?

When Kristin first approached me about doing an episode on lube, I was like, "Uh... won't that just be like a 30-second episode? Lube reduces friction. Done."

"Nate, there's so much more to than that!"

Boy, was she right!

The Facts

Lube in the United States is not regulated by the FDA.

That means companies can put all sorts of stuff in their products that could do damage to your body. Many lubrications include chemicals that cause allergic reactions, that leave you with a rash, itchyness, sensitivity, overly-dry skin, or tingling.

Some chemicals will cause the epithelial layer of your skin to fall off, which can be SUPER bad!

Some lube messes with your pH levels, which can cause yeast infections or even expose you to bacteria and infection!

Some lube increases your risk of cancer, and some will even cause your cells (including semen) to explode...

You can read more about how your lube can affect your body here, or you can download an amazing guide at the bottom of this post.


Good Lubes vs. Bad Lubes

A great general practice to determine whether or not your lube is safe is to read the ingredients on the bottle. If you can pronounce the ingredients, you're pretty safe. If you can't, you're probably not using a great lube.

Another great indicator that your lube sucks is if you're experiencing any rashes, irritation, or unintended pain or discomfort during sex.

Here's a list of Kristin's favorite lubes. (Hint, KY does NOT make the list.) Try them out! They might take your sex life from painful to enjoyable, or from enjoyable to mind-blowingly awesome:

For more information, listen to the entire episode. It really is SO good.

Show Notes:

Here are some of the resources Kristin referred to during today's episode:


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