S04 E04 - What To Do When Your Family Isn't Supportive

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What To Do When Your Friends & Family Aren’t Supportive Of Your Relationship

What do you do if your friends (or your partner's friends) are having a negative effect on your relationship?

How can you respond if they're bringing you down, talking bad about your partner, or marriage in general?

I’ve been getting tons of questions about this… from what to do if you lose weight and starting getting in shape… then your family makes you feel guilty for it. Or you start to work on changing the unhealthy dynamic of your relationship and your partner pushes back. Or you prioritize your partner over your own family and your mom starts to freak out and complain that your partner is dividing the family.

Hopefully this episode is relevant and helpful if you’re in that situation.

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    Laura Heck

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    Laura Heck is a licensed marriage and family therapist, speaker and trainer, certified Gottman therapist, and specializes in working with couples who are stuck in a rut. She teaches couples tools to reinvent a new partnership, develop healthy habits and reignite lost passion. Laura is mom to a three year old, wife to a patient husband and lover of fitness, health and wellness.