Power Posing - Day 24


Day 24 - Emotional

I've talked a lot in the last 30 days about how our minds shape our bodies… but what about when you need your body to shape your mind?

We've all been there-- facing the demons of intimidation daunting us from doing something we really desire. Interviews, social interactions, public speaking, promotions, try-outs, tests… kicking the voice that says "we can’t" is difficult to do.

Unless, all along we’ve been sapping our own inner strength without even knowing it.

Get ready to learn about two minutes that can truly change your confidence for life. Because we all need to unleash a little power sometimes, and yours has been patiently waiting where you least expected it… in your posture.


Daily Challenge

All those times you’ve dreamed of being the superhero and today, science is giving you the go ahead. So shake off that confidence cape because we’re about to power pose!

Snag your sidekick (cause every hero is more powerful with a partner!) and find a mirror where you can watch your transformation come to life. Stand side by side, hands on the hips, legs spread wide and chins up. Be large and in charge— you’re Superman and Wonder Woman! You may feel silly standing so confidently but don’t shy from the sight of your own strength. Just two minutes spent striking this pose and you’ll walk away with lower stress levels and a huge increase in your confidence.

So do it while you wait for the water to warm for your morning shower, in the bathroom before a big interview, as you leave to take that intimidating test or even when you just desire a boost of determination to face the day. Every hero has a secret superpower… and yours is the power pose!

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