Music Monday #8 - 90's Love Songs


90's-love-mix The 90's is a decade near and dear to both Nate and myself. As a predominant time in our youth, it accounts for most of our school days, a time of discovery and beginning to define oneself.

For many of us, it encompassed a lot of firsts... First crush, first kiss, first dance and maybe even first love. Maybe for some of you, a first date, first anniversary, or even first child. And for others, some of these firsts might have also been your last! Whatever your particular story, the 90's was a magnificent time for life-defining events, with a plethora of brilliant, iconic music providing the soundtrack.

So, this weeks Music Monday is devoted to none other than the 90's. The cheerful, love-inspired playlist features 90's love songs from all popular genres during the iconic musical decade. From Mariah Carey and Boy II Men, to Rod Stewart and John Secada, with a little Third Eye Blind mixed in. There's truly something for everyone. Please join us in celebrating the nostalgic love songs of the 90's!

**For next week's playlist, we'd like to collect love songs from YOU! Send us your favorites, any genre, along with why you picked that particular song; whether it be a memory, story, or even just because you absolutely love it! Post the Artist and Song Title below and help us put together a playlist of the BEST love songs of all time!