Let's Talk About Sex


Sex is a vital part of intimate relationships. It is the most intimate and personal experience you can share with someone you care deeply about. Yet, despite its importance - and some would say sacredness - how and where do we learn about healthy sexual practices?

We have sex education in schools... but the majority of the information provided in the classroom setting revolves around the prevention of disease, and abstinence, and does very little to address the act itself.

Nowadays, I would observe that sexual education - that is education regarding the act of having sex - is learned on the internet via pornography. Porn is a scary word for some. But, as J.K. Rowling's character, Dumbledore would say, "Fear of a [word] increases fear of the thing itself." It's something to consider, and to address honestly and openly.

Should children be learning about sex from porn?

If not, should the lessons we teach in the classrooms change?

How do you address the issue of sex with your children, or your peers, or your parents in a healthy way so that sex can be seen as a valuable tool for a couple, and a non-shameful topic of conversation?

I encourage you to watch the video above, and leave your thoughts in the comments. Please be sensitive, as this issue is a delicate one, and something that many feel very passionately about.