If You Could Transform Your Love Life In One Way, What Would It Be?


Hey there! Since I started The Loveumentary nearly 3 years ago, my goal has been to help other people find answers to the biggest questions and struggles in their lives.

For years I've used my own life and experiences as a template for what to write about, and share... until last week.

A good friend of mine who has been helping me produce the podcast asked me, "What does The Loveumentary tribe need the most?"

I had no idea.

You are not all like me. Your life, your struggles, your worries, your desires - they all might be incredibly different than mine.

So, in an effort to give you more of what you need, I've put together this quick survey. Please fill it out. It would mean SO much to me.

I will use your answers as inspiration for new topics to research and write about, or create courses around, or offer support for, and maybe even provide some powerful answers.

I'll also be sending out some prizes to a few of you who fill out this survey, so there's a little extra incentive!

Thank you for helping me make The Loveumentary better! It means so much to me.