How The Loveumentary Changed One Man's Life... And What It Means For You!


Last week I got to have a talk with my new friend (and fan of The Loveumentary) Kan Adachi. Kan is in insanely talented calligrapher. During our conversation, he told me that a handful of his lettering projects have been inspired by The Loveumentary podcast. Here's his powerful story in his own words: Hi, my name is Kan, and this is my story of how the Loveumentary changed my life.

I distinctly remember having less than ten dollars in my bank account in college while I was working a part time job that paid a nice hourly wage. I was hooked on keeping my emotional state high through spending money. I also remember a myriad of other unpleasant experiences like desperately holding on to a failing relationship (which eventually became unsustainable) and not being able to perform up to my standards in school. This was a low point.

But then, like so many other life-changing stories, I met somebody who made all the difference. She saw my shortcomings as part of the path I was walking to become a stronger version of myself. She held me, supported me, and encouraged me to continue becoming all that I was meant to be.

I quickly realized that this relationship was something I did not want to screw up, but I was still heartbroken and emotionally unstable; I was on my way to possibly sabotaging this potentially beautiful relationship. Coincidentally, right around this time, I stumbled across Nate’s Loveumentary podcast episode 36 & 37 with Ty and Terry.

These two episodes were nothing short of life-changing. It ignited my passion towards loving intentionally and being fully present and aware of my responsibilities in a relationship. Looking back, it is the exposure to these two episodes that is the clear inflection point on when I started to have a clear direction in life and become genuinely grateful.

I recently realized that the messages behind the Loveumentary are not just for the version of me that needed to be uplifted and needed practical advice for how to approach a relationship. It is also for the version of my significant other that was unsure if she should believe in me. At some point, she had to make a decision to risk, be vulnerable, and place her trust in my hands.

I am forever grateful that she did, and this is why I want to help contribute to Nate’s purpose. Unlike much of the self-centered, dating-for-my-gain mentality that has been woven into the fabric of the single’s society, It is about instilling a mindset of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and believe in others. This could not be any more relevant to me since it was my girlfriend’s choice to believe in me that kept me afloat through the valleys of my life trajectory.

Keep loving, everyone. You will make all the difference in someone’s life.

I was completely blown away when I heard this story. I never thought that a project I started would have an influence on someone else's live in this way.

I asked Kan if he would create a piece specifically for you!

And he said yes!

So, over the next few weeks he's going to be sharing with us the process of how he creates this beautiful work of art, and when he's finished, you'll be able to buy a limited edition print of it to display in your home or office!

I can't tell you how excited I am for this. It's so cool to be collaborating with someone who shares the same passion I have for The Loveumentary.

You can see one of Kan's pieces in the header of this blog post (in case you have images disabled). And here's a pencil draft of what he's working on for us. It's not the final product, but it will give you an idea of how insanely talented this kid is:

The Loveumentary Lettering Project

How To Order A Print:

Prints will be available in a few weeks. They will be 12"x12". The color of the prints and paper are still not determined. Shoot me an email if you want to pre-order one, and I'll give you details!

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