Episode #9 - Vegor and Errin

Disclaimer: This episode has some adult themes and language. You have been advised.

Vegor and Errin are two of my favorite humans on the planet. They are hilarious, and quirky, and not ashamed to be themselves... which is why they are such a perfect match for each other.

In this episode, Errin and Vegor talk about the importance of being with someone who "gets" you. Someone who can be your best friend. Someone who understands and loves the way you see the world. I've spent many hours with Vegor and Errin, and it's so refreshing and entertaining to experience their friendship. They're like a well-practiced comedy duo full of pop culture references, dripping sarcasm, and kind-heartedness.

Errin and Vegor also struggled with infertility for many years. Listening to the story of the time, effort, and pain they went through add their little daughter to their family was both touching and heart-wrenching.

It's interesting to see how each couple in this series has their own unique struggle to overcome. Their own challenges to face. Each struggle is unique, and can only be overcome by two people coming together in mutual support for one another. It's a beautiful thing to face struggles with someone you love by your side.