Episode #83 - David and Gretchen Figge

Society is messed up...

Have you ever noticed that at the beginning of a relationship, it seems like everyone is pushing you toward commitment and marriage?

You come home from a first date and you get asked, "Do you think she's the one?" or "Did he kiss you?!"

You start dating exclusively and people say, "He'd better put a ring on it!" or "It's just a matter of time... you guys are totally getting married."

You send out wedding announcements and everyone celebrates with excitement.

But then...

The moment you get married, the world's influences start pushing you apart.

You get together with your girlfriends and they all complain about their lazy, incompetent husbands.

Your best buddies gripe about their demanding wives who never stop nagging, and never appreciate what they do for their families.

You hear people joke about "starter wives," or how a husband is replaceable, but kids are not.

I've even heard people taking bets on how long a couple will stay married at the wedding itself.

Figge Philosophy | The Loveumentary
Figge Philosophy | The Loveumentary

How messed up is that?!

Marriage can be awesome!

David and Gretchen (recording embedded at the top of this post) pointed the above social trend out to me.

What I love about these two humans is that their marriage is a testament to the fact that we can ALL resist the divisive negativity around marriage that permeates our culture and create amazing, mind-boggling relationships filled with kindness, growth, compassion, and fun!

I encourage you to listen to the episode above to understand how truly phenomenal a marriage can be.

I promise you will be inspired.

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