Episode #8 - MeiMei and Kiran

Just a quick heads up, there are a few swears in this episode, and there is also light discussion around the idea that most romantic couples have sex. So if you don't like either of those things, this episode may not be for you.

This episode with MeiMei and Kiran was recorded at The Bold Academy. The Bold Academy is the reason I’ve been MIA for so long recently... well, that and the holidays and a slight lack of motivation.

This episode is a little different than past episodes because it was recorded in a classroom setting with 20 or so people in the room. So it’s more of a discussion led by MeiMei and Kiran.

MeiMei and Kiran are two amazing people. They are even more amazing together. You’ll love hearing their love story... and you’ll love even more hearing about how they keep their love alive. We also talk about when is the right time to leave a relationship, whether or not monogamy is a natural human tendency, open relationships, and a lot of other fun stuff! Hope you enjoy.

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