Episode #7 - Neil & A.Rae

Neil and A. Rae have been through a lot. And when I say, "a lot," it's not an understatement. I daresay they've been through just about everything you can imagine... and they've made it out alive, and with  smiles on their faces.

The most touching moments in this podcast, for me, are when Neil and A. Rae talk about losing their son, and how it transformed their lives, and when Neil talks about how mistaken he was to believe that the single life is/was better than married life.

Talking to A. Rae and Neil made me realize that I have a tendency to give up too easily on things that are important. True love is worth fighting for. It's worth enduring misery, and heartache. It's worth forgiving and learning and struggling together. Without the struggles, the mistakes, and the fight, love is weak... and it may not even be love at all.

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