Episode #5 - Cole and JaCee

Cole, my cousin, and JaCee have been married for 9 years, and have three amazing kids. They were in town last weekend for the holidays visiting the family. I got to spend an entire day with their little family, and we had a blast playing games, reading stories, and catching up. After they left, I was talking to my Mom and she said, “They’d be perfect for your podcast, wouldn’t they?” It was like she’d taken the words out of my brain. I tracked them down, and this interview is the result.

What really impressed me with Cole and JaCee is how important their faith is to the success of their relationship. On the outside the have the image of this idealistic, perfect family. After talking to them, though, I realized that every couple - no matter how happy, how strong, or how perfect they are for each other - has their own struggles and challenges. In this interview, we talk about how faith and trust in one another is vital to a relationship, how JaCee and Cole deal with going long periods of time without seeing each other, and how they’ve battled pornography as a team, and how that battle has brought them closer together.

Their love is a fairytale kind of love... but only because they make it that way. Love is an investment. You can only get something out of it if you put something into it.