Episode #43 - Amazing Life Together with Liz and Ryan


Amazing Life Together

On a scale from 1-10, how is your love life?

Many people, maybe even most people will answer between a 6 and 8. I'd say a solid 7 would be considered acceptable, livable, and even relatively enjoyable for most people.

Liz and Ryan are my kind of people. They decided that there is no place in their life for a mere 7/10.

And so, they started their project, Amazing Life Together. Together they are talking to experts, interviewing real couples, and opening up the kimono to share their own story on their journey to a 10/10 relationship.

Here's their recent feature on my favorite YouTube channel, SoulPancake:

Grateful for Cancer

Here's a great example of the stories they're telling. Is it possible to be grateful for something like cancer? Can you be better off because of your trials, and the obstacles you face together? This couple thinks so:

For more amazing stories, documentaries, and blog posts, check out Amazing Life Together. And don't forget to listen to Liz and Ryan's amazing episode (embedded at the top of this post). Support their mission to fill the world with amazing marriages.

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