Episode #4 - Tommy and Jason

On my way to visit Tommy and Jason in Salt Lake this week, I turned on my Beatles mix on my ipod. Right as I pulled off the freeway exit for their home, the song “All You Need is Love” came on. It played right until I pulled up to their doorstep. It was the perfect beginning to a fantastic interview. Tommy and Jason have been together for almost 4 years. Unlike Torben and Marissa from last week who have tons of things in common with each other, Tommy and Jason have fundamentally different personalities and interests. But as you’ll hear in the interview, these differences have really helped to bring them closer together, and to understand themselves and individuals in a more complete way.

In this interview, we cover the importance of continuous love and support, the ability to be vulnerable. We talk about the struggles a couple can face when family isn’t fully supportive of your relationship choices, and how the state of limerence (or Twitterpation, as some call it) can be addicting, and prevent us from ever fully experiencing the fulfillment of investing in a long-term relationship.

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