Episode #39 - Kendall and Bradford: Ready? Set... Laugh!

Kendall and Bradford are hands down one of my favorite couples. I've never met a couple who knows how to laugh like they do.

The more people I meet in life, the more I realize how rare, special, and important are they who can laugh loud and long about nearly anything. Everyone loves to be around someone who laughs. I think the only thing better than laughing is the feeling you get when you make someone else laugh... like really really laugh. It's euphoric.

One of the saddest things in the world is when I see couples who have forgotten what it's like to laugh together. They're souless, and boring, and depressing.

Laughter is like the fountain of youth for relationships.

Some people think that keeping the passion alive in your partnership means having wild passionate swinging-from-the-rafters sex forever. Personally, I can't think of anything more beautiful or incredible than a couple in their nineties that can still make each other laugh until their bellies hurt and tears stream out of their eyes. That's the type of passion I'd prefer.

I mean, what good is sex if the person you're with can't even make you smile?

Laughter can brighten a cloudy day. It can ease a tense situation, and calm troubled nerves. Laughter can unite people under the banner of a new inside joke, or make an embarrassing moment more tolerable. Laughter relaxes the muscles of the body, releases endorphins, decreases stress, and improves blood flow.

Laughter is awesome.

You guys! Life is too short not to laugh all the time... every day!

Bradford and Kendall have been through their share of conflicts and dramatic moments, but they know that if they hold on to the negative of those situations and refuse to laugh at them, the negativity will rule their relationship. Laughter releases you of the bonds of dread, shame, guilt, anger, anxiety, resentment, and sadness.

If you need help remembering how to laugh - or even what to laugh at - watch this Pete Holmes video. His point is so beautiful, and articulates some of my favorite qualities in Bradford and Kendall.

If you need a good example of how laughter can help a relationship succeed, click here.

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