Episode #28 - Love Outlasts Loss - Heidi and Benji


Imagine how it would feel to have the most important person in your life suddenly torn away from you without explanation.

You are forced to sit and watch your soulmate deteriorate piece by piece as they slip out of your life. You hope and pray every day for a miracle... for just one more day together, one more kiss, one more smile, one more look of affection.

Meanwhile, couples all around you choose to give up, throw in the towel, and abandon their relationships when all you want is one more day, one more minute with your true love.

The unfairness is almost too cruel to comprehend.

Heidi lost her husband, Benji, to cancer one month ago at the young age of 32. During that time, they learned to live in the moment, making the best of every day they had together.

Fighting and arguing was a waste of time.

During their marriage, the most serious disagreements Benji and Heidi ever had came were a result of differences of opinion on how to spend the money, or Heidi getting after Benji for being messy. Looking back, Heidi says she'd give anything to have to clean up after him again.

Life is so incredibly fragile. We never know when the things or people most important to us will slip through our fingers. Here is my challenge to you:

If there is something that is a source of contention in your relationship today - be it with your spouse, a friend, a parent, or a sibling - ask yourself, "If I were to wake up tomorrow and this person had been taken from me, would this issue matter at all?"

Let go of petty differences. Admit you're wrong, even if you don't feel you're wrong. Say you're sorry. Fighting and arguing are a waste of time in this short life.

Now go out and tell someone you love them.

Listen to today's episode for more amazing advice on how to love from someone who has loved and lost.

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