Episode #20 - Head vs. Heart


What would you do if the person you fell in love with just wasn't the same person anymore?

Some people might leave. I mean, life is short. Why commit the rest of your life to someone if you're no longer happy? There absolutely validity to that point of view.

But then again, if it's no fault of their own, don't you owe it to the love of your life to stick with them for better or for worse? In sickness and in health? In good times and bad?

In this interview, we meet a man whose wife of 40 years underwent brain surgery and came out a different person. He's remained a faithful husband for over 30 years in spite of the challenges posed by this difficult situation. It's his commitment to the woman he loved, his personal integrity, patience, selflessness, and his faith that keep him going.

If this isn't a man with the capacity to love, I don't know what is.

I'd love your thoughts on this episode. Look inside yourself. Could you stay with the person you love if their personality were altered? What is it that creates this type of love? Is it something anyone can experience, or is it reserved for a select few people with an extra capacity to love, or a larger-than-average helping of patience?