Episode #17 - Christian and Sarina

Since I've started The Loveumentary, I've been on the search for other like-minded projects, websites, and people. One of my favorite websites that I've stumbled on is The Dating Divas.

When I first stumbled on the site, I cringed a little. Typically I've had bad experiences with anyone who volunteers for the title of "Diva," and the site oozed... um... feminine energy. But after reading about their cause, I couldn't help but give them a mental five for providing such a truly meaningful service.

These ladies are dedicated to providing committed couples with tons of ideas and resources to add intrigue, romance, and thoughtfulness to their relationships. They make it easy for couples to continue dating after marriage, and avoid the monotony and drudgery that tends to creeps into our lives over the years.

I was fortunate to hear - after reaching out to them through their site - that Sarina, one of their authors lived less than a mile from my home. She and her husband Christian agreed to be interviewed (obviously)... and they are the real deal. I felt so welcome and comfortable in their home. Their love for each other was obvious in their demeanor and the way they spoke of and with each other.

It's a relationship built on respect, compassion, admiration, and tons of effort. As Sarina says in the interview, "It's really the little things that make the big difference in relationships."

[jbox title="Show Notes" border="5" radius="15"] Here are a few of my favorite posts from The Dating Divas site:

The Price is Right Group Date: They've taken the time to give you everything you need to have a fun night out on a really unique group date.y

Discover a Town Together: It's close to home. It's simple. And it can be adventurous, romantic, and get you out of the house.

I Love You Today Because...: A simple and meaningful tradition that every couple can do, and benefit from.

You can follow The Dating Divas on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.[/jbox]