Episode #15 - Steve and Marie-Claire

  One of my favorite things about interviewing couples is witnessing the unique dynamic of each pair of partners. Some couples are constantly affectionate, touching each others arms or legs, resting heads on shoulders, or holding hands. Others tend to verbally affirm, validate, and encourage each other. And then there are couples like Steve and Marie-Claire who tease each other in the most lovingly merciless way.

It's obvious that Steve and Marie-Claire laugh. A lot. They enjoy their time together. They take classes together, pursue new interests together, and they probably laugh through all of it.

They don't take life too seriously. But they do take their relationship seriously.

Steve and Marie-Claire have been through many trials together, many of which are common of couples I've interviewed in the past. But one that seems to be unique is the very obvious cultural differences. Steve is from Idaho. Marie-Claire is from France... and she is very French. In this interview they discuss how this has affected their relationship, their family, and how it's brought them together among many other things.

I love that even after decades of marriage, they admit that they aren't perfect. They still have plenty to work on, and working on it is what makes it worthwhile.

* My apologies for the shoddy sound on this episode. For some reason, my computer decided to record the interview with the onboard microphone rather than the nice equipment I brought with me. I tried to filter out the hiss of the whirring hard drive as best as possible.

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