Episode #11 - Devin and Julia

The Loveumentary has been a project in my mind for a long time. For years, actually.

And over the years, the project has taken many shapes in my brain. It evolved and changed and morphed. With each new iteration in my brain, I got closer to launching this idea to the world.

The day after I published my first episode, I had a few close friends reach out to me and tell me how much they loved the episode. And then they gave me ideas. Feedback. Pointers. Advice.

This was my project until I shared it. Now it's not mine anymore. It's ours.

For the past few months, I've grown. A lot. I've grown emotionally as I've learned truths about myself through these real, honest conversations. I've grown in my ability to record and produce a podcast. I've grown as an interviewer, an artist, and a creator.

What I didn't realize until having this conversation with Devin and Julia, is that all of this growth can only be attributed to you. Seriously.

I can't be my best self in life (or create the best version of The Loveumentary) alone. I need others to share their perspective, their experience, their knowledge, and their encouragement to help me see and experience things that I would not otherwise have the capacity to see.

A good partnership accelerates and encourages growth and progress.

We cannot be at our best selves alone.

Part of a truly loving relationship... at its core, is the ability to see your partner as presently perfect, but to hold a future vision.

This conversation helped me realize that what I'm truly yearning for is to creating my life with someone who sees me and encourages me to live to my greatest potential.

It's like finding a co-founder for life.

This concept is the most appealing and compelling reason for me to look forward  a relationship than I ever could have dreamed of. Commitment scares the bejeezus out of me (which is another post for another day), but the way Julia and Devin painted this picture, they lit a fire in my heart, and a desire to find a partnership like they have.

I hope they inspire you as much as they inspired me.

Big thanks to them for inviting me into their home, feeding me amazing food, and being phenomenal hosts and friends.

This episode is just so so good! GAH!

I love you guys!

Show Notes: As always, a huge thanks to Matty Blades and The Organ Grinders for the background music.