An Open Letter to Ty and Terri


Dear Ty and Terri, As I write this there are tears streaming down my face.

My heart hurts.

I want to throw up.

Life can be so cruel to rob us of those we love so suddenly when we are not ready to see them go.

I need you and those you love to know that your love, and your story are a pillar of The Loveumentary community. Thousands of people have listened to the recordings we created in your dining room as you opened up and shared your love for each other, the struggles you've faced and overcome, and your hope for all of us.

Those few hours Melissa and I got to spend with you changed the both of us. It rocked our worlds. It opened our eyes. It was made the nearly 3 months of endless travel and exhaustion and planning so so worth it.

Learning that people like you exist gave me a higher purpose. It raised the bar I held for myself.

The love you have for each other changed people in the most incredible and profound way.

Thank you for being an example of hope, of possibility, of compassion, of kindness, of understanding, of humor, and especially of love.

I texted you a month ago to tell you how much I love you. I ended that text with the sentence, "The world needs more people like you in it."

What a shame that we have been robbed when we so desperately need you here.

Please know that there are thousands of us that feel indebted to you and are committed to attempting to fill your incredibly big shoes, and advance the message of hope and love that you so valiantly and unashamedly stood for and continue to stand for.

The world still needs more people like you in it.

To Ty and Terri's family and friends, The Loveumentary community loves you and mourns with you. Please know that your parents and friends were so so loved, and left an immeasurable impact on so many lives including my own.

With love... and hope,


If you want to listen to Ty and Terri's amazing interview, you can do so here:

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