Practice Creates The Master

Practice makes perfect. But practice – good practice – is rarely easy. It requires dedication and perseverance. It requires us to push through walls and do things we don’t want to do. Practicing love, especially when loving is hard, is the only way to master it. You don’t need to talk about it, justify it,…

Your Choices Make You Who You Are

To me, choice is the most powerful thing in the world. Your ability to choose is something nobody can take away from you. In it lies your personal power to create a life and a love that you desire. Your choices make you who you are. They define your relationships. They are the foundation of your character….

I’m With You

“I’m with you,” I said to her late last night as we held each other tight. I held her and listened, to all her worries. Tears slowly falling down her cheeks, overwhelmed with stress, wondering how we’re going to pay our bills through the winter. Worried our son might have a relapse. Feeling like she’s…

Episode #47 – Jason and Mindy Dammen

In this week’s episode we sit down with Jason and Mindy. My favorite thing about sitting down with these two was that they changed my expectations of what true love really is. I had developed an expectation half way through the Loveumentary Road Trip that all of the most amazing couples would be really outspoken, dynamic,…

Don’t Be Afraid To Be The One Who Loves The Most

Today I’m grateful to announce that I am officially a published author! My friend, Tyler Ward, author of Marriage Rebranded, has been collecting marriage advice for Millennials, and asked me to contribute. I happily obliged, and now my work is being published alongside some of my heroes, in his book called Marriage Hacks. The following is my contribution….