My Darling Bar

September 26th is Love Note Day! In celebration over the next week we are going to be featuring some of our favorite love notes, and love note projects… because love notes are awesome! If you share your enthusiasm for love notes, you should participate in our Last Love Letter Project. Help us spread the love….

Isaac and Amy – Lovers Who Get It

Here’s a story with some good, old fashioned romance. Last year, Amy agreed to marry Isaac after one of the most epic proposals of all time: One year later, they pay tribute to the people that made their love possible with one simple word. “Yes.” Watch it. I dare you not to get even just…

Science Religion & Love

Last weekend I went to a huge BBQ full of people I’d never met. I love parties like this, because I absolutely relish the looks of shock and confusion I receive when I answer the third of the typical first three default getting-to-know-you questions. When I meet someone new, the conversation almost always goes like…

From Heartbreak to Hope

We are a collection of experiences, places, people. This love is a bronzed plaque in my collection, part of what makes me who I am today. So, instead of pain, I feel gratitude. I’m thankful for the lesson in utter selflessness, profound connection and the unnecessary walls that were torn down.