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The Loveumentary to Capture America’s 100+ Greatest Love Stories on Cross-Country Journey

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – September 17th, 2013The Loveumentary announced a goal to raise $29,000 with the support of Kickstarter, the world’s largest crowd funding platform, to travel across the country to capture America’s most compelling love stories, and publish an in-depth podcast series and book about the journey. The Kickstarter project is now live:

“What do the 100 most in-love couples in America have in common? The @loveumentary is on a mission to find out:

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“We’ve watched as both cynicism and unrealistic expectations surrounding true love and marriage continue to grow in America. Since we are constantly bombarded with stories of infidelity, divorce, and abuse, we want to turn our focus toward the stories of love and long-term relationship success so we can identify patterns and figure out what works,” said Nate Bagley, creator of The Loveumentary. “We are providing people with inspiring stories and new role models in an effort to renew their hope that true love is possible, and paint a realistic picture of how successful relationships are built over time.”

Funds raised via this Kickstarter campaign will allow Bagley and Loveumentary co-host, Melissa Joy Kong, to interview over 100 couples across the nation during a ten-week period. Kong notes, “Our goal is to merge storytelling and science. In addition to interviewing couples, we will also be meeting with prominent psychologists, neurobiologists, coaches, and authors who are experts in the field of love and relationships.

Their findings will be published in a print book and eBook in early 2014, and podcast episodes featuring the conversations will be published on a weekly basis throughout 2013 and into 2014 on

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The Loveumentary is a project dedicated to capturing the most compelling love stories in America. By highlighting the relationships that are working, our mission is to reinvigorate the country’s faith in love, marriage, and one another.

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