Nate Bagley

Hi, I’m Nate. I’m on a journey to find out if true love really exists by talking to couples who are madly in love with each other, recording the conversations, then them on the internet.

I grew up in a sort of fantastical world where parents rarely (if ever) fought, and almost never divorced. It seemed to me that healthy relationships just sort of happened, and that finding true love was a milestone in life, sort of like the first day of school.

It wasn’t till I got older that I began to notice that some couples seemed happier together than others. Not long thereafter, I started feeling pressure to get married myself, and realized that relationships – at least the healthy ones – require a lot more effort and work than I had been led to believe. I’ve come to realize that love is something that evolves over time. It’s not constant Twitterpation as we are led to believe as kids… it’s something more.  It evolves and changes. And, I think it’s different for everyone.

Since that realization, I’ve done a lot of reading, thinking, and question-asking. The Loveumentary is my way of attempting to answer some of these questions… and maybe deal with my feelings of cynicism.

Does true love really exist? If so, can it last? And how can we all experience it, rather than just a few lucky people?

I created The Loveumentary not to be some sort of shameless dating blog or a relationship column written by a self-appointed expert or know-it-all. (A wise man once told me, “Taking relationship advice from a single guy is about as smart as taking cooking advice from a skinny chef.”)  I fully admit to my inexperience. I’m merely a dude with lots of questions… questions that I think many of us have, and I am willing to do the leg work so we can all have the answers.

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