Marisa Lyon

A little bit about me. I live at the beach, yet am still only a short car ride away from both NYC and Philly. Which, while the weather here is often less than ideal, really provides me with the best of both worlds. I have a background in business, advertising, marketing, hospitality and real estate/mortgages. But none of this even begins to accurately describe who I am.

I have sense of humor. I show my emotions. A song, or even single note, can bring me to tears. And through experiences, I’ve realized that the corporate life is just not for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can still put on my most professional face when needed. But I’d rather be my silly, corny, sometimes outrageous self any day.

I love music, photography, art and inspirational and thought-provoking words. To see and hear others beautiful work is inspiring. And to be able to experience that which they have generously contributed to this world is a privilege.

When it comes to things I’m passionate about and that interest me, I could write endlessly. My hope is that it can reach others. Even if just one other person has a reaction of emotion or thought, then it feels like a success. And writing makes me feel alive. It makes me happy. So either way, it already is.