Don’t Be Afraid To Be The One Who Loves The Most

Today I’m grateful to announce that I am officially a published author! My friend, Tyler Ward, author of Marriage Rebranded, has been collecting marriage advice for Millennials, and asked me to contribute. I happily obliged, and now my work is being published alongside some of my heroes, in his book called Marriage Hacks. The following is my contribution….

A Blog About Love

Did you know September 26th is Love Note Day? In preparation for this lovely event, over the next week we are going to be featuring some of our favorite love notes, and love note projects… because love notes are awesome! If you share your enthusiasm for love notes, you should participate in our Last Love…

Episode 22 – Porn Addiction

For the record, this podcast and this blog post is neither pro-porn nor anti-porn. It’s simply an effort to educate those who consume porn on the potential side effects of its consumption.   Holy crap we’re talking about porn! Yup, Porn… that thing that so many of us quietly indulge in behind closed and locked doors….

The Paranoia of Not Being A Good Dad

The leaders of every generation continuously set out to become better than the generation of their fathers. We stive to improve upon their failures and shortcomings. We want to provide our children with more opportunity and a better education, shield our families from the pains we suffered, be more attentive, patient, involved, supportive, healthy, eco-friendly, and tolerant…

All Single Dads Are Criminals

I remember that look. The peering eyes of ice-cold judgment, with just a hint of disgust. He reached for his cell phone like he was about to call 911 while his hateful stare pierced through me. He was making direct eye contact like he knew what I had just done. Everything was dirty. There was…