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22 Successful People Confess the Best Advice They’ve Always Relied On

On Loving I met one woman in Georgia who has been married to her husband for over 60 years. After being asked for her best relationship advice, she paused and then said, “Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most.


25 Tips for Having Meaningful Relationships

We’re all busy, but are you too busy to stop and eat? Probably not. Relationship expert Nate Bagley from Loveumentary believes that you should “make the time” to schedule a lunch with friend, acquaintance or family member. This action will yield great benefits.

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Loveumentary: Two Strangers, One Mini Copper and a Quest to Dispel Marriage Myths

Disillusioned by the romantic tropes pervading popular culture, two friends are crisscrossing the country in an effort to document 100 great love stories to learn what makes a marriage last.

He grew up in a large Mormon family in Utah, she was raised by a single mother in Queens County, N.Y. Despite their disparate backgrounds, Nate Bagley and Melissa Joy Kong shared a common quest to uncover what real love is. After they were introduced by a mutual friend, the two piled inside Bagley’s Mini Cooper and embarked on a roadtrip across the United States to find couples in what were considered successful relationships. They call their project the Loveumentary.

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6 Ways To Create Harmonious Love And Work Relationships

What happens when two near-strangers from completely different backgrounds and parts of the country decide to road trip across the nation, capturing 100 of the greatest love stories in America?

An epic (love) adventure, that’s what…

Last week, I caught up with Melissa to learn just that. Here’s are six ways she’s learning to create harmony, which you too can apply to business, love, or play:


Utahan sets out to tell America’s love stories

Armed with their convictions, the two are heading out to meet 75 in-love couples throughout the nation, in addition to the 25 already recorded. Though they don’t consider themselves experts, their goal is to write a book about their observations, the advice given and the love stories shared on the podcast episodes…

They hope to give an opposing perspective to that offered by Disney princesses and divorce statistics.

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Husband shares story of wife’s personality change after brain surgery

After 10 years of marriage, a couple could reasonably assume they know most everything about their spouse. Fights over the toilet seat or how to put the silverware in the dishwasher have probably long since been abandoned. Similarities have been found, and different hobbies and interests have been established.

But for one man, it was just after he and his wife hit their 10-year marriage mark that things dramatically changed — in particular, his wife.

The Good Men Project

The Good men project is the first site to syndicate The Loveumentary’s podcast.

ABC 4 Utah

We were very grateful to that ABC 4 Utah took an interest in us and invited us on their show: