Bill and Glad – A Love Story

After close to 40 years of marriage, Bill started to realize that something was wrong with his wife, Glad. She was soon thereafter diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Her condition has advanced to the point where Bill has to do everything for his wife. He bathes her, he feeds her, he brushes her teeth… but he does it all with a smile.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is a vital part of intimate relationships. It is the most intimate and personal experience you can share with someone you care deeply about.

Yet, despite its importance – and some would say sacredness – how and where do we learn about healthy sexual practices?

Danny and Annie

Danny and Annie from Brooklyn, NY had been together for 20 years when they recorded the story of their first date. You can hear the conviction and adoration in Danny’s voice as he talks to his wife. This video will put tears in your eyes, and make you crave something like what they have.