Nate Bagley

Hi, I’m Nate. I’m the creator of The Loveumentary, and I want to change the way the world perceives true love. My hope is that getting an inside look at the inner workings of happy, healthy, lasting relationships will give us all some perspective on how we can more fully experience true love and genuine human connection in our own lives.

Melissa Joy Kong

Ever since she was able to understand the concept of “true love,” Melissa has been insatiably curious about what that looks and feels like—and how we can all cultivate long-lasting, passionate, deeply fulfilling romantic relationships. She loves learning about human behavior and potential, and lives for helping people take big leaps in their lives to start amazing projects or companies.

Marisa Lyon

I love music, photography, art and inspirational and thought-provoking words. To see and hear others beautiful work is inspiring. And to be able to experience that which they have generously contributed to this world is a privilege.