I’m are so glad you found us! Here’s a little backstory on how The Loveumentary came to be.

In the beginning…

The Loveumentary first began as a project to help me (Nate Bagley) get some answers to some questions that were really bothering me. The more people I talked to, the more I realized it wasn’t just me who had the questions.

I wanted to know what really goes into creating amazing, dynamic, lasting, passionate, loving relationships. I was sick of getting answers like, “A lot of hard work,” or “plenty of sacrifice and communication.”

What is this hard work that everyone keeps talking about? What is it exactly that people are sacrificing?

I felt like the answers I was getting were not completely truthful… and so I took it upon myself to find the truth.

As I looked for answers I realized there are a lot of people studying (and providing resources) for what’s broken in relationships. I decided to take a different approach and study the couples whose relationships I wanted to mimic.

So since November 2012, I’ve been traveling the country, hunting down the most incredible couples I could find to see if they would give me the answers I’ve been looking for.

The things I’ve learned and experienced on this journey have completely transformed what I thought was possible in the realm of love. If you join in and follow the journey, I promise it will change you too… and for the best.

…and then, there were two.

In June 2013, I was introduced to Melissa Joy Kong by a mutual friend. Melissa had a goal to capture 100 of the greatest love stories in America, and write a book about what she learned through the process:

“As a journalist, I grew frustrated listening to story after story talk about the negative side of love and marriage. How many of us haven’t heard the statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce? I was curious: What about the other 50%? What story isn’t getting told? Millions of couples across America are building great relationships and happy families. While the fairytale romances are fun to listen to, I was more interested in creating a project that outlined the real story of love across America—including the stories laced with hardship and pain.

Of course, part of my desire to tell this story was personal. I was raised by an incredible single mom in New York City, but had no perspective on what a healthy marriage looked like—I never saw one growing up. I wanted to figure out what the healthiest, happiest couples do differently so I could pinpoint the patterns and apply them to my own relationship one day.

When I met Nate and realized we shared the same heartfelt mission, it was too serendipitous to ignore. We both knew almost immediately that we wanted to combine efforts and take The Loveumentary on the road. We didn’t meet in person until Day 1 of this project, when I flew out to Utah to begin the journey with Nate. Crazy? Maybe. But just like any relationship out there, the most worthwhile things in life require a huge leap of faith. I’m so glad Nate and I decided to take one together and bring this incredible project to the rest of America.”

The Kickstarter:

Nate and Melissa | The Loveumentary

Melissa and I raised a bunch of money on Kickstarter and spent 3 months on a journey across America to record the 100+ greatest love stories in the country. By highlighting the relationships that are working, our ultimate goal has been to reinvigorate the country’s faith in love, marriage, and one another. In addition to interviewing the most in-love couples we could find, we also interviewed relationship experts, marriage counselors, researchers, and psychologists who have dedicated their lives to the study of love and relationships. This journey has ultimately been about intertwining storytelling and science to add context to our project.

The result: Over 50 more podcast episodes, an amazing print book and eBook, and daily web content.

An Update: Nate is hard at work editing and publishing the podcasts from our journey, and Melissa is busting out an amazing book that should be in your hands soon. You can follow the process here.

 What’s Happening Now

Since the Kickstarter project has wrapped up, I (Nate) have continued to work on The Loveumentary. My passion right now is for educating as many people as possible around how to develop extraordinary love. I believe love – just like a second language, an instrument, or a trade – is a skill that is developed over time through practice, education, and mentorship.

When people have access to the right education, incredible role models, and a determination to put in the effort, they can master the art of love.

I spend a lot of time traveling all over the United States speaking at conferences, events, and seminars.

I’ve developed courses like Love School to help train, educate, and inspire people to develop their love skills.

And in the fall of 2015 I will be producing the first ever LoveCon… a 3-day retreat dedicated to creating a community and atmosphere full of education, connection, trust, and play, where people can come learn and grow. It’s going to be awesome. I’d love to see you there.

If you have any questions, or would like to have me come speak, you can hit me up here.

Thanks for supporting The Loveumentary, and for reading this whole page. I surely do love you.